Ravin' Girls: A Raven Cycle Podcast

--- Shannon Pack and Nievita Hartness ---

We’re Shannon and Nievita, and we’re the Ravin’ Girls! Welcome to our Raven Cycle podcast, where we analyze Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle as a cycle, taking a look at the connections and foreshadowing running throughout the series. We dissect the themes of the books, discuss the arcs of the wonderfully complex characters, and take “Deep Dives” on the origins, folklore, mythology, history, and fandom that surrounds this iconic young adult series. Each episode covers 3-5 chapters worth of material, and each book has its own self-contained Season. We often cover Maggie Stiefvater’s new novels or other related works in Special Episodes. New episodes release on the first and third Thursdays of every month. Join us as we follow the adventures of four dysfunctional teenagers and their dead Welsh boyfriend!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ravin' Girls Ep.4: No Object Permanence

    **Episode Summary:** Welcome to Episode 4, where we cover Chapters 12-14 of The Raven Boys! So, who’s a socially awkward shitbird? Well, all of the characters, really, but Whelk in particular. In this episode we discuss Ronan and Gansey as old marrieds, Whelk being a genuinely ...


  2. Ravin' Girls Ep.3: Sleepless in Henrietta

    **Episode Summary:** Does anyone ever sleep in this town? In this episode, we cover three chapters that happen deep in the middle of the Henrietta night. We discover what Shannon finds spooky but Nievita loves, what the original draft versions of Gansey and Blue were like, how the Fae ...


  3. Ravin' Girls SpEp: All The Crooked Saints

    Shannon and Nievita sit down and review Maggie Stiefvater’s new release, All The Crooked Saints! Join us for an informal discussion of saints, family, darkness, symbolism, metaphors, music, love, and how sometimes prose just begs to be read out loud. NOTE: Spoiler section begins AFTER the sign-off at timestamp 46:20 (approx. ...


  4. Ravin' Girls Ep.2: Nino's Meet-Ugly

    Episode Summary: Welcome to Episode 2! We cover chapters 4-8 of The Raven Boys, with a Deep Dive on Geoffrey of Monmouth. Nievita reveals her favorite Easter egg of TRC and exhibits her ignorance of the imports/exports of Virginia, much to Shannon’s amusement. We question whether ghosts have pockets, and how ...


  5. Ravin' Girls Ep.1: Finicky Camaros

    **_Episode Summary:_** Oh geez, we’re finally here! Welcome to Episode 1, where Shannon and Nievita cover the Prologue through Chapter 3 of _The Raven Boys_. We introduce Blue and her boys, discuss fairytale inversions, the folklore behind St. Mark’s Eve, why you shouldn’t eat mistletoe, the potential supernatural nature of the Pig, ...