Ravin' Girls: A Raven Cycle Podcast

--- Shannon Pack and Nievita Hartness ---

We’re Shannon and Nievita, and we’re the Ravin’ Girls! Welcome to our Raven Cycle podcast, where we analyze Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle as a cycle, taking a look at the connections and foreshadowing running throughout the series. We dissect the themes of the books, discuss the arcs of the wonderfully complex characters, and take “Deep Dives” on the origins, folklore, mythology, history, and fandom that surrounds this iconic young adult series. Each episode covers 3-5 chapters worth of material, and each book has its own self-contained Season. We often cover Maggie Stiefvater’s new novels or other related works in Special Episodes. New episodes release on the first and third Thursdays of every month. Join us as we follow the adventures of four dysfunctional teenagers and their dead Welsh boyfriend!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ravin' Girls Episode 8: Babes in the Wood

    Episode Summary: Welcome to Episode 8, where we cover Chapters 23-24 of The Raven Boys! Finally, Cabeswater! We start to feel like Maggie might be smacking us upside the head with all of the foreshadowing in this chapter, because basically the whole plot of the Raven Cycle is laid out here. Gansey ...


  2. Ravin' Girls Ep. 7: Poor Sweet N00b

    Episode Summary: Welcome to Episode 7, where we cover Chapter 19-22 of The Raven Boys! Finally, it’s the episode where we get the band together! Adam finally contacts Blue (three whole days later!) by way of an apology carnation, there is an exhibition of Ronan’s dubious grasp on physics, and the Gangsey ...


  3. Ravin' Girls Ep.6: Midnight Magic

    Episode Summary: Welcome to Episode 6, where we cover Chapter 16-18 of The Raven Boys! I think someone slipped us the giggle juice this time around! We lose our collective minds about the subject of Paul Bunyan’s beard, debate whether baby birds are cute or ugly, give some solid advice on what ...


  4. Ravin' Girls SpEp: Henrietta Holidays

    Welcome to our Holiday Special Episode, where we talk about the Raven Cycle prequel holiday short stories! We cover the two Raven Cycle holiday short stories, both set before the beginning of The Raven Boys, that focus on 300 Fox Way and Monmouth Manufacturing--and basically every tradition ...


  5. Ravin' Girls Ep. 5: Foxy Ladies

    Episode Summary: Welcome to Episode 5, where we cover Chapter 15 of The Raven Boys! We Talk Tarot (a LOT of tarot) with the chapter that brings the Gangsey and 300 Fox Way together for the first time. Nievita thinks 300 Fox Way is named after ...