Ravin' Girls: A Raven Cycle Podcast

--- Shannon Pack and Nievita Hartness ---

We’re Shannon and Nievita, and we’re the Ravin’ Girls! Welcome to our Raven Cycle podcast, where we analyze Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle as a cycle, taking a look at the connections and foreshadowing running throughout the series. We dissect the themes of the books, discuss the arcs of the wonderfully complex characters, and take “Deep Dives” on the origins, folklore, mythology, history, and fandom that surrounds this iconic young adult series. Each episode covers 3-5 chapters worth of material, and each book has its own self-contained Season. We often cover Maggie Stiefvater’s new novels or other related works in Special Episodes. New episodes release on the first and third Thursdays of every month. Join us as we follow the adventures of four dysfunctional teenagers and their dead Welsh boyfriend!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ravin' Girls Episode 19: 50 Shades of Mr. Gray

    Welcome to Season 2 Episode 19, where we cover Chapters 12-14 of The Dream Thieves! This time around we discuss the possibility of dream creature cryptids, death cooties, what car Nievita used to race, and Shannon’s fancast for Mr. Gray. Find out which one of us likes plain yogurt and who ...


  2. Ravin' Girls Episode 18: Turkey Cordon Dieu

    Welcome to Season 2 Episode 18, where we cover Chapters 8-11 of The Dream Thieves! We discover that Nievita has a strange attraction to a particular body part, that Shannon was blindsided by the Pynch first kiss, and we ask our listeners how they pronounce the name “Niall”. Find out how ...


  3. Ravin' Girls Episode 17: Cream Puff Soul

    Episode Summary: Welcome to Season 2 Episode 17, where we cover the Chaps. 4-7 of The Dream Thieves! Join us as we talk about the Thunderdome that is academia, and have an Anglo Saxon party. Nievita, always our timeline sleuth, has figured out the date Niall Lynch was killed. ...


  4. Ravin' Girls Episode 16: Dewey Decimal Ogre

    Episode Summary: Is it finally here? Is this actually real?! Is it happening, or are we just DREAMING? Welcome to Season 2 Episode 16, where we cover the Prologue-Chap.3 of The Dream Thieves! We are indeed BACK with our first episode covering the second book of The Raven Cycle, The Dream Thieves! ...


  5. Ravin' Girls SpEp: The Scorpio Races

    We usually promise no Grey Man violence, but today is the first day of November, and so today someone will die. That’s right, this special episode has carnivorous horses, red ribbons, and... baking? It’s The Ravin’ Girls cover the Scorpio Races! Hear our headcanon for Sean. Find out why Shannon ...