Ravin' Girls: A Raven Cycle Podcast

--- Shannon Pack and Nievita Hartness ---

We’re Shannon and Nievita, and we’re the Ravin’ Girls! Welcome to our Raven Cycle podcast, where we analyze Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle as a cycle, taking a look at the connections and foreshadowing running throughout the series. We dissect the themes of the books, discuss the arcs of the wonderfully complex characters, and take “Deep Dives” on the origins, folklore, mythology, history, and fandom that surrounds this iconic young adult series. Each episode covers 3-5 chapters worth of material, and each book has its own self-contained Season. We often cover Maggie Stiefvater’s new novels or other related works in Special Episodes. New episodes release on the first and third Thursdays of every month. Join us as we follow the adventures of four dysfunctional teenagers and their dead Welsh boyfriend!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Ravin' Girls SpEp: Call Down the Hawk Full Novel

    Welcome to our episode covering Maggie Stiefvater’s first novel in the new Dreamer Trilogy, CALL DOWN THE HAWK!!! Can you tell we’re excited?! All of the Lynch boys are in trouble (what else is new?), mysterious art forgeries and forgers tantalize in the Fairy Market, dreamers and dreamed objects are hunted, ...


  2. Ravin' Girls SpEp: Season 2 Wrap-up

    Welcome to the final episode of Season 2, where we discuss our feelings on finishing The Dream Thieves and talk about what we’re looking forward to in Blue Lily, Lily Blue! Can anyone believe that it’s been two books, two seasons, and two years? We can’t! Join us for this Season ...


  3. Ravin' Girls Episode 30: BRB, Getting Dragons

    Welcome to Season 2 Episode 30, where we cover Chapters 60 through the Epilogue of The Dream Thieves! Two dreamers. Two monsters. Two brothers. Two battles. One. Epic. PARTY!!! This is it! The final episode of Season Two! Buckle in and strap your helmet on, it’s going to be a bumpy ...


  4. Ravin' Girls Episode 29: Death Waffles

    Welcome to Season 2 Episode 29, where we cover Chapters 54-59 of The Dream Thieves! Ronan and the Gray Man finally meet face-to-face and it goes about as well as one might expect--possibly better, even. Persephone and Adam frantically fix the ley line as the 4th of July looms large in ...


  5. Ravin' Girls Episode 28: Never Come Alone

    Welcome to Season 2 Episode 28, where we cover Chapters 50-53 of The Dream Thieves! It’s Adam’s turn for learning about his life-altering mystical experience, while Blue and Gansey go out for a totally-not-romantic-let’s-never-talk-about-this drive through the Henrietta hills. Ronan has a chat with his (dead? dream?) dad, and the Gray ...